Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sometimes one day off can feel like a week.

Yesterday was one of those days. Having a purse full of gift certificates didn't hurt either. My first destination was Bella Donna on Robertson; my skin care salon where I have seen
Reese & Cameron emerging on more than one occasion. Right after I parked my little box-car, I popped next door to the little french bakery to get my morning diet coke. I ordered, paid, and turned to leave. There, sitting at the corner table by the door, was actor Julian Sands with a beautiful English lass. Hmmm.
My facialist (owner Michaela) masked, extracted, waxed, plucked and massaged me to oblivion (and tinted my lashes to boot! Thoroughly refreshed, I made my way across town to
Beauty by Malous (my sweet Persian girls there do the best color!) The place, as usual, was jammed, but Nahid managed to get my roots camouflaged and conditioned in less than an hour. I had planned to pick up Donna, but when I called to give her my e.t.a, I found her groggy (nap time!) Sans sister, I headed to my nail place for my mani-pedi. Whew! Did I need that! Whilst drying, my friend Jennifer happened to pop in. What a nice surprise!
Off to the
Bridal Bar, I made a pit stop first at Sweetpeas (to see how the set-up arrangements were coming along for the Debby Schuh-fest) then at Subway for our lunches. I've been having lunch pretty frequently there, as the Jenny Craig people say it's okay. They are so cool, with this free 800 number (1-800-Jenny Care) to let one know what to order when going out for a meal. So much easier than reading that little booklet!
Lunched with Harm at the
Bridal Bar, then drove over the hill to Costco (Ben needed black pants for a performance.)
By the time we were finished shopping and dealing with the rush-hour traffic, it was time to pick the kids up from their rehearsal (6:10 pm!) After that, we had to speed back to drop of Harmony, then head over to
Rosewood Elementary, where Isabel was starring in "The Rose Pearl of Katsumiyama", and original musical by Eddie Mitchell. Instead of spraying Izzy's hair black like all the other parents, Donna DYED her 9 year-old's hair black for the play. Did it ever look great! The color makes her blue eyes just pop!
We got back home after 10 and just crashed. I just love a day full of action!

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