Thursday, December 07, 2006

Top Secret "Think-Tank" Meeting

I had the most fun yesterday with Mary. The people at Creative Imaginations had invited us to sit in on their new product "Round Table", where they present and tweak their possible new line releases. There was only one other store owner at the full panel and one avid scrapbook enthusiast; the others were all C.I. leaders. Seeing all the new ideas that their creative teams have come up with was so cool; we love this industry insider stuff. Even more rewarding was the fact that they wanted to hear our feedback and listen to our ideas for product. What an honor!

I would tell you all about the new stuff we saw, but then I'd have to kill you (oooh, so top secret, that disclaimers were signed!) but I know you are going to go gaga over everything they opt to put out for their late 2007 release. I can, however, safely say that Marah Johnson is a genius!

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