Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fashion Statement

This is the shirt of which I recently wrote about finding at the Beverly Center for $59. (my source cost: $5.) Now I know that I was getting an over-run lot, but I can usually get them for $14., after which I would sell them for $29. retail (I always keystone, not quadruple my stock.)

We will be getting more of these hot Hardy-esque babies in stock early in the new year. So for half of what you'd pay at the Beverly Center, you can be on the cutting edge twice!

Give me a call at the store after the 3rd of January (off 'til 1/2) taking requests...310.479.2444


teresa said...

oooh count me in! Wonder how the sizes run?! Do you know?

suzi finer said...

They run on the small side; I can wear some of the XLs, and Allie (age 9) is an XS, but i've been getting her smalls, as they are so cute, I want her to be able to enjoy them for a long time.