Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Teresa Collins Report:

I have to tell you just how generous my friend Teresa Collins is. She has made arrangements to come to Sweetpeas and Snapshots on Monday evening, January 29th, to bring us all a few hours of free demonstrations...and she's not coming alone. Stacey from Junkitz is coming along with her to add to the fun! But wait, it gets even better; Junkitz is making up three giant baskets which we'll be raffling off from all the tickets we've been passing out at our events, and we'll also be introducing some hot new products from their line for shoppers to purchase. The festivities begin at 6:30pm, and we anticipate a technique-packed session filled with joy.
I'll post more details on the Sweetpeas and Snapshots blog as the date draws nearer....

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