Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I've always loved the Raven.
I guess it all started with our teenage neighbor, Fred Ives, who used to pretend to be a talking raven named Auk Auk through the backyard fence. He used to leave little gifts in the backyard for my sister and me...totally exhilarating for a 6 year old child. One day he left us a little egg in a box, which we took to our room and covered with a blanket. That lasted about a week; when it accidentally broke, did it ever stink! I remember crying with Donna about not being able to have our own little bird.
There were many other fond memories of these dark birds (Uncle Billy's bird in It's a Wonderful Life for one.) and of course, that alliterative Poe-m. I still have dreams of keeping one as a pet. Maybe one day...

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