Sunday, December 31, 2006

Friday, 12/30

After spending a delightful morning walking the Village (and a delicious tea at The Tea Cozy) we drove with my aunt to our favorite apple farm, where they split open fresh Granny Smiths in a bowl and pour hot caramel over them (I had mine with wedges of cheddar instead.) Carol had to do an exchange at the Target in Paso Robles (and we had to visit Pajamanation, Central Coast-style!) From there, we took Carol home and drove to the TINY town of Harmony (population 18) where we couldn't resist taking these pics!

This once bustling burg has but only one lone shop open now; a pottery store with some pretty cool stuff. I picked up the funniest brooch made from a real sardine (pretty gross!) and Izze got some silver treble clef earrings.

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