Thursday, May 31, 2007

Launch Party
Tonight I was invited to the launch party of Your Wedding Day magazine at the newly remodeled Sofitel on Beverly Blvd (across from the Beverly Center) for event specialists. The flowers were all done by the fabulous Eddie of Tick Tock Couture. He never ceases to come up with a fresh feel to enhance any color palette. My partner in sublime for the evening was the ever helpful event assistant Chachi, who looked amazing. She got so many compliments on her Michael Kors snakeskin heels! She kept having to explain to the ladies that they were from the Miami Neiman Marcus (you can't get them here,) much to their dismay. I should have such a problem. All of the food was prepared by the iron chef champion Kerry Simon himself! How cool to have him actually do some of the tray passing. There were mini-cupcakes and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies with shots of cold milk. I was able to take some of the signature cotton candy home for the kids (they were thrilled!) All of the furnishings were provided by Classic Party Rentals. I especially loved the Moroccan feel of the sitting areas. Yes, this was one of Harmony's Bridal Bar's events. She really knows how to pull a party together.


There's a new fad in town: Frittelli's. Forget the Dunkin', Krispy Kremes, Winchells and other deep trans-fatty fried circlets of sinfully golden delight...Frittelli's proclaims "Trans-fat free" (gourmet?) doughnuts...and they're delicious!
The best part of this blessedly scrumptious den of delight? It's within a moment's walk from my home, at 350 North Canon Drive in Beverly Hills!

Right at this moment, I think this is a good thing (because I'm doing my best not to indulge myself,) but I'll let you know in a couple of weeks if my resolve is as true as I believe.
I did bring a box of these babies home this afternoon; Ben and a few of his friends were here working on a homework project, and they needed a "healthy" snack.
The project they were working on was for their "sex ed"; they were making a youtube video on practicing "safe sex". It's pretty silly, but they had fun making it... AND they enjoyed the snackage!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lookie Here!

My friend Susan gave me this pen to give to Harmony. It's made by Bionic Ear, a marvellous company that manufactures cochlear implants for the hearing impaired. Susan is really cool...she does a ton of work for the John Tracy Clinic, and is the driving force behind the upcoming fundraising crop there on Saturday, July 14th.

I spoke with Madison over at My Mind's Eye earlier this afternoon, and he is putting together a major amount of swag for the goody bags at that crop. It's so heart-warming to know that big companies care enough to help in these ways; giving begets giving. I know there are still some seats available for this worthwhile fundraiser; if you'd like to participate, go to for more information.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Drum Roll, Please...

I don't enjoy going to the circus since they've become so p.c. with the animal acts. The best part of the three ring extravaganza to me, was seeing the elephants, the lions, the dancing poodles.

I am naturally, completely, drawn to images of the classic shows, especially any old clowns, unusual freaks, and of course, the menagerie. If not for my even greater passion for arte de Mexico, I'm afraid I'd be living under the big top myself.

I appreciate the whole Cirque du Soleil movement of human grace and dexterity, and have enjoyed seeing a few different incarnations of that genre. Slava and the Snow show was a visual feast. But really, I'd like to see a classic Ringling Bros. show again, with the whole parade of rare beasts who don't seem to realize they are being taken advantage of. Please.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Amy Winehouse - Rehab

So this video is embedded; to view it, just click on the image to be connected to Amy Winehouse is singing the summer '07 song and we just love it. The big horns, retro-style, and Amy's voice...what a combination! She's a member of the tribe, from the UK; hope she comes to our 'hood to perform soon!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

About last night...

The busiest girl in southern California almost broke her golden rule, by posting an entry with out a photo. Last night we had Rand over for another sleep-over; I first took a leisurely stroll with him over to Pioneer Lucerne Hardware and picked up some adhesive Velcro. Then, off to Whole Foods (across the street) to get Boo-Boo his dinn-dinn. Rand likes his food hot and natural! A few minutes after we got home, Harm called to see what was up. She and I decided it would be a good idea to get back on the walking band wagon, so she drove over, called up for me, and we headed out.

We made it all the way east to Robertson, where we made a pit stop for a light, healthy supper at Oishi. It was pretty chilly out when it was time to go, so we upped our pace to brisk, and made it back in no time. There were a couple of teen-age girls in the alley (they looked all of 14 if that) and they were smoking(!)...we gave them the stink-eye, and talked very loudly about the evils of smoking, how second hand smoke is so bad for everyone, and how illegal and bad it is for kids to be smoking. I think they got the message. Too bad I didn't recognize them, as I would have totally ratted them out to their parents. Bad girls.

By the time we got back to my pace, it was time to get Allie, who was practicing for the Vocab Olympics at Robakowski's place. Harm came along for the ride, first stopping at Angelina to pick up some fro-yo for the kids (non-fat chocolate/vanilla swirl.) We got there just in time; Allie was so worn out from learning new words that when I finally got her upstairs, she practically passed out cold.

Then, there was this morning...

Saturday morning services at Temple Emanuel, with Gary, Rand, Ben & Allie. We had a lovely time; the service was rousing, inspiring, emotional and funny...the most surprising element was when everyone threw candy up at the Bat Mitzvah girl, then later when cool Rabbi Aaron threw chunks of fresh challah out to the congregation. Allie wants to go there every week. now! When the service was over, Rand took us all to lunch at Jerry's Deli in WeHo (yes, I had hot tongue on challah with sweet/hot mustard) then I took him home so he could nap. I'm at the Bridal Bar now with the kids, paying Ms. Walton a visit...then later the kids have a YADA rehearsal. There goes my Saturday!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Open House, 2007
Tonight was the open house at Beverly Vista Elementary. The kids look forward to this night every year, not because I get to talk with their instructors, not because I get to view their year's worth of classroom projects, but because In 'n Out Burger sends their special truck out for this event for a fund-raising food fest.
This is Allie with her teacher, Denny Magasin (Ben had her as well). Besides being a really great mentor, she has 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that are so cute. I appreciate her dedication to the Wildlife Waystation very much.

She instills a deep sense of responsibility to the animal kingdom into each child.

We made a point of visiting Mrs. Lucky and Mrs. Lehman (1st & 2nd grade teachers for both of my kids)...I strongly believe that the educational and moral foundations these instructors brought to the table added a great deal of goodness to Ben and Allie's personae. I am so lucky to have had them in my children's lives.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Did somebody say "Contributor?"

I was very flattered (and honored) to be asked by the managing editor of Scrapbook Retailer to contribute to their "Trends" section. I can't tell you right now what my first "tip" will be, but keep your eyes open for what I see is on the cutting edge of the scrap-scene. (Yes, there is an article in the works as well!)
This is happiness.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Wee bit 'o lunch

Donna took me out for a celebratory lunch this afternoon to Toast on Third Street. It was her and Izze's very first time there; it won't be their last!

We all nibbled on the fresh basil & olive oil dip with fresh french baguette. Donna compared it to the delicious concoction that our friend Ruth created...but that was made with crushed Italian parsley. I prefer the basil myself.

Not wanting to stuff ourselves, Donna and I shared the most delicious cheddar cheese tuna melt on sour dough. The toasty sandwich was perfect; not so thick to cause the contents to overflow, crunchy yet light, and full of flavor. The grease-less fries were served with a creamy ranch dressing, with a few green olives placed here and there for an added accent. Mmmm! Donna snagged a bite before I could get a photo of the pristine plate!

Having a lite lunch left plenty of room for a treat; New York-style cheesecake with the most delicious graham cracker crust. The Toast touch: a bed of caramel with chocolate lettering proclaiming the creator of the cake!

You never know who you're going to run into in this town. Sitting right next to us was our favorite wee-man: Wee Man Jason Acuna!

He was so charming; happy to take a photo with Izze (boy, was Ben sad that he didn't have early dismissal today!) I had to let him know that he should try the cheesecake. A truly fine desert.

The Big Show!

Today was the big Living Portrait showcase at Beverly Vista Elementary. The din of historical characters was overwhelming; the atrium was not set up for such unusual acoustics! I was so amused by Allie, who brought a stuffed gorilla and wore one of Chachi's safari hats. She received a very positive response for her portrayal of Jane Goodall.

Allie's friend Eric was a natural as Harry Houdini. I love the way his frame came out.

Our good friend (and next door neighbor) Michael became Michael Jordan. He told me that he'd really like to be a fire fighter when he grows up (he is SO cute!)

Wouldn't you know it...Sarah became Martha Stewart, recounting her entire life (including tales of her unfortunate incarceration!)

I was so happy that I was able to take the morning to see the show!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Issa Design.
My friend Linda Woods told me about a new blog out there in the e-world, and I think you'll enjoy reading it. I've added it to my "link a day" recommendations; give it a little peek, and let Marissa know you've visited. It's always nice to welcome a new neighbor to the 'hood!

And where is Harmy?

It seems that she was invited, as an industry leader, to the Parker Palm Springs for a two night, three-spa treatment venue-visiting extravaganza. She called me this afternoon to check in (I couldn't go with her this time; besides the kids and all, I have a very important meeting tomorrow morning.) and regaled me with tales of her detoxifying seaweed wrap, relaxing hot stone massage, and cleansing facial. That girl really knows how to work!
I hope she took pictures of the food.

Pretty Holly

She's probably going to kill me for posting this photo, but doesn't Holly just look marvellous! Harm and I went with her to Saks Fifth Avenue on Wilshire this weekend to get her the hottest foundation in the entire universe: Giorgio Armani. This is the only foundation that really makes everything better. It covers redness and evens out the complexion with no chance of break outs. It's no wonder that Allure magazine (among others) deem the Armani foundation the best in the whole wide world. The most fun was watching while they "matched" Holly's skin tone, then proceeded to finish up her entire face with the perfect compliments in the Armani product line. Now if I only had an extra thousand dollars myself...

Holly was thrilled to see the wonderful offerings at Forth and Towne (our favorite clothing store). She was also as emotionally wrecked to hear that they are actually shutting their doors forever 0n June 15th. It seems, that although they have been highly successful, the idiots over at The Gap have decided to close this idyllic store in order to concentrate on bringing back The Gap brand. Stupid corporate fools. Oh well. We can only hope that some genius resurrects the lines offered. Shoot. It was so satisfying to find fashionable clothing offered from size 2-22 at a reasonable price.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Today's Happening:

I went in to help Harmony out with a few details while The TV Guide channel came in to tape a segment at The Bridal Bar this afternoon.
Leslie at Fantasy Frostings provided five different flavors of their legendary wedding cakes for the "bride" to test, and the always tasteful Eddie of Tick Tock Couture Flowers took care of the posies. Linens and tableware was provided by Classic Party Rentals, and all of the other top notch vendors got oodles of praise during the taping.

I especially loved the brilliant blue splits of Martini & Rossi . What a fun compliment to an event!
Keep your eyes on the TV Guide channel; I'm not sure when the segment will air, but you'll love it when it does!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dinner with the gals

I met up with Holly and Jeannine last night for a 6:30 dinner at McCormick and Schmicks on Rodeo (I like that it's in walking distance). Though it took me only seven minutes to walk over, Holly had a grueling 1.5 hour drive from Simi, and Jeannine spent an hour coming from downtown. I was glad to see them. (That is Holly's Highlander coming up Rodeo in the photo.)

I couldn't help whipping out my birthday pen from William Ernest Brown; it's a Faber Castell that writes like a dream.

Michael Perfetuo moved here from Massachusetts in 2004 to pursue his dream of (!) becoming an actor. He is always so professional (he was playing the role of the waiter).

Both Holly and Jeannine enjoyed the rich, creamy, fresh lobster bisque. Although it is my very favorite, I declined, as I was martini-ying it up.

Holly was wearing her new Tiffany necklace from Philip (Mother's day gift). She told me that she moved up "from Ben Bridge to Tiffany, and from Flaky Jakes to McCormick and Schmicks!" Philip always picks the best gifts.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A Living Portrait

Allie's living portrait project "frame" is due tomorrow. Each member of her class had to choose a famous person to read up on and "become" a living incarnation of. Allie chose Jane Goodall as her subject.
Don't worry, I just drew out the chimps; Allie painted them in herself (parents were encouraged to work with their child on this). By the time I was finished cutting out the inside of the foamcore, princess fell asleep!