Saturday, May 05, 2007


Over the past 24hrs, I've been thinking of these dear friends, though physically far from me, are embedded deeply in my heart this weekend. They've each taken time from their busy lives to phone, email and televise our friendship this weekend.
Helle, your phone call the other night, though rushed due to my very public location at the time was wonderful; your comments make me feel warm. I can't wait for your workshops on May 26th
Michelle, LOVED last night's phone-fest. Whatever you need, I'm here for you with no ulterior motives. Just ask.
Debby, first the phone call, the the emails! How kind of you to include our images in today's QVC Anna Griffin special. I do get a kick knowing that my image is on national television, even if I wasn't home to see it! What I do get to see, however, is YOU in a very short time from now. I am so looking forward to your upcoming workshops CKU Anaheim weekend! I am so there.

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Helle Greer said...

Happy Birthday to ALLIE!!!
Wish I could give her a Birthday hug, she is one special young lady.
And- so are you her mother.