Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Big Show!

Today was the big Living Portrait showcase at Beverly Vista Elementary. The din of historical characters was overwhelming; the atrium was not set up for such unusual acoustics! I was so amused by Allie, who brought a stuffed gorilla and wore one of Chachi's safari hats. She received a very positive response for her portrayal of Jane Goodall.

Allie's friend Eric was a natural as Harry Houdini. I love the way his frame came out.

Our good friend (and next door neighbor) Michael became Michael Jordan. He told me that he'd really like to be a fire fighter when he grows up (he is SO cute!)

Wouldn't you know it...Sarah became Martha Stewart, recounting her entire life (including tales of her unfortunate incarceration!)

I was so happy that I was able to take the morning to see the show!

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RC said...

how cool...i've never heard of such an elementary project. The poster cut outs are great! as well as the costumes.

What a cool idea!