Sunday, May 06, 2007


Do you have a few spare minutes (or hours...?)Then take some time to check out the links on the right. You won't be disappointed. It's so nice to read about other perspectives and ideas. I've been graced with a world of new friends and readers; who'd a thought that people in remote dots on a map would care about what's being created, visited and eaten in Beverly Hills!

By the way, I should have photos of today's tea experience up some time tomorrow; I forgot my camera at home, but Holly had her shooter with her and is emailing me the fun pics!


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Anonymous said...

I got your comment and it's nice to know people are checking in. I stopped by your blog and I think it is such a hoot. Only problem is I'm on a diet and you have such yummy pictures of food scattered throughout. I am deffinitely going to add you to my places to vist.
Best from the right coast.

Regina Rose