Thursday, May 03, 2007

Oh, the stories I could tell...

Suzi Finer, as quoted in InTouch Magazine, May 14th, 2007, page 42.

I've spent the past week fielding interviews from human-interest magazine editors, all wanting to know the details of Britney Spears shopping spree at Sweetpeas and Snapshots (4/25/07.)

Now I can tell you what I told the publications...we'll see if any more press is received for the store over the next few days.

Britney was in the most excellent physical shape; no visible body fat or cellulite. This I can say with complete honesty, as I personally experienced full-frontal-Britney up close and accidental. I had gone back to give her cousin Allie a business card for Sweetpeas custom-album services, and unwittingly caught an eyeful of the 100% nude Ms. Spears (who had just finished trying on the vintage dress and pink tutu, which she purchased.) Honest critique? Her bronzed, glowing skin was smooth and toned, and (not to sound too WeHo, but this is Britney after all!)...her breasts were standing up like a nubile adolescent. No visual evidence of the usual baby-stretched skin that most women get. Impressive!

Amy Tangerine chatted up Britney and Allie during a portion of their shopping time, finding out that the visual curb-appeal of the shop had caused Britney to pull a fast U-turn to check it out. The fact that she was so taken with the merchandising and products inside made the experience just so much more satisfying. Mary really has an eye for making things beautiful...the silhouettes on the window this season are total eye candy. I understand she'll be having the country's pre-eminent silhouette artist (as seen in Martha Stewart Living) come to the shop for custom cuttings at the store's anniversary party. You can check out the store blog for more details soon.


amytangerine said...

this is all sooooooo cool

Helle Greer said...

You are just IT...
Why don't we live next door to each other? i would so run around with you all day.