Thursday, May 03, 2007

Great news for Allie...

She got a phone call today from the local market research company, who, after asking a good 20 minutes of questions, determined that she qualifies to participate in a two-hour American Girl survey.
AND they're going to pay her $100.00!
Coincidentally, she is going to the American Girl Cafe on Saturday for her tenth birthday dinner. She is SO excited.
So lucky that we live near the newest American Girl Place. You can guess that she already put her doll, Jess, in her special "travel" outfit. Allie bought her last July (with her own money) when we had tea at the Cafe there with Harm and Ben. She's been back a few times since (friends parties,) and is so looking forward to her own celebration.
Tomorrow, I'm picking up a box of cupcakes from Buttercake Bakery for her to share with her classmates. She's opted for a selection equally split: half chocolate, half red velvet.
Sunday is her actual birth date. She's planned an afternoon tea outing with Holly Dye and company, at The Gilded Rose Manor in Northridge. It's a Dye-namic ritual, going there with Holly Holly.
We love a celebration!


teresa said...

How exciting for Allie!! We loved our American Girl dolls so much. Still have them. Personally, I'd have picked all Red Velvet. Those are the bestest-est cupcakes I've ever ever ever had. Lucky Allie!!

Emily Rose Customer Care said...

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