Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Girls night out took on fresh meaning tonight with the most enjoyable celebration. Holly, Allie and I hit McCormick & Schmicks (Rodeo Drive) with Harm, who was pinch-hitting for miss Jeannine (sidelined by a deadline.)

Doesn't this "Baseball Steak" just fit the bill? Holly ordered it up after my favorite waiter so lusciously described it (without exaggeration!)

I stuck with the fish, savoring this tender Mahi Mahi with butternut squash and Himalayan red rice (the best grain in the entire world!)

Harm had a magnificent cheeseburger, while Allie enjoyed the $6.95 child's portion of fresh Salmon. They actually have the best kid's menu in the city...and their happy hour menu can't be beat value-wise. You know I love a deal.

Executive Chef David Iina popped over to check on us. He was so gracious and warm; a total delight. Last time I was there with Jeannine, the maitre 'd spent a lot of time schmoozing with us at the table; again, he warmly welcomed my friends and me back with zeal. They sure know how to treat their guests!

It was a chocolate fest at the table. Between the hot lava cake and the tempting bread pudding with chocolate and vanilla bean sauce, we didn't know what to do. Solution? Allie's Creme Brulee (not shown.)

What were we celebrating? You'll just have to check back here tomorrow night, when my "People" can give you the "Insider" scoop on what's "OK" in the world. Don't forget to keep "InTouch".......


dede warren said...

i need to know now!!! why are making us wait, that 's no fair!!!

Helle Greer said...

Yum, yum, & extra YUM must try that restaurant next time.
Okay, WHAT's the scoop?????
NEED to know NOW!!!!