Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Wee bit 'o lunch

Donna took me out for a celebratory lunch this afternoon to Toast on Third Street. It was her and Izze's very first time there; it won't be their last!

We all nibbled on the fresh basil & olive oil dip with fresh french baguette. Donna compared it to the delicious concoction that our friend Ruth created...but that was made with crushed Italian parsley. I prefer the basil myself.

Not wanting to stuff ourselves, Donna and I shared the most delicious cheddar cheese tuna melt on sour dough. The toasty sandwich was perfect; not so thick to cause the contents to overflow, crunchy yet light, and full of flavor. The grease-less fries were served with a creamy ranch dressing, with a few green olives placed here and there for an added accent. Mmmm! Donna snagged a bite before I could get a photo of the pristine plate!

Having a lite lunch left plenty of room for a treat; New York-style cheesecake with the most delicious graham cracker crust. The Toast touch: a bed of caramel with chocolate lettering proclaiming the creator of the cake!

You never know who you're going to run into in this town. Sitting right next to us was our favorite wee-man: Wee Man Jason Acuna!

He was so charming; happy to take a photo with Izze (boy, was Ben sad that he didn't have early dismissal today!) I had to let him know that he should try the cheesecake. A truly fine desert.


Debby said...

What are you celebrating?! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzi!
All that food again, Yum! I hate to be a party pooper because I'm sure the cheesecake tasted wonderful but that is NOT how New York cheesecake is made. No Graham crakers. I'd love to send you some Junior's cheesecake then you'd understand why us NYer's are so touchy.
Regina Rose