Saturday, May 12, 2007

Not to be confused with the Chicago-based chain (Arnie Morton's), Morton's on Melrose in West Hollywood is the place to be seen on Oscar night.
Tonight, it was the place to see uncle Leon, Paul, my aunt Carol (down from Cambria), Donna and me. What a wonderful meal!

My Grey Goose apple martini matched the color of my blouse this evening. No, I did not spill a single drop, it was just a coincidence.

Carol had some red wine (don't ask me what variety; it's not my thing...) that had the best "nose" she'd ever had. Donna agreed. I can't even smell wine; the sulfates get to me.

I started with the hot artichoke appetizer. Donna and Carol shared a Caesar, and Paul had the Belgian Endive salad. Leon had the most delicious looking bowl of corn chowder (sorry, my photograph did not do it justice!)

I did my best not to dip in the naughty creamy artichoke accompaniment.

Leon opted for the shrimp cocktail as his main course. Each shrimp was huge, yet flavorful. No surprise.

Carol had the rib-eye, Donna, wild Alaskan Salmon, Paul had the chicken breast, and I went for the Dry aged New York steak per our waiter Sal's recommendation. My advice: always listen to your waiter!
The coconut cream pie was so outstanding that I couldn't get a picture of it before it was completely devoured. Sorry. We were sad to read in today's Los Angeles Times that the restaurant will be closing it's doors at the end of this year due to lease issues. It is truly going to be missed by the community; I feel terrible for the wait staff. They are an amazing team that works so well together. I only hope that something happens to change the circumstances before it's too late!


Mary Ann said...

I'll have the plate of petit fours and the apple martini please. Wait the steak looks good too. Who am I kidding. Just give me what's she's having! Sounds like just the place for a gathering. Will have to take my sister when she comes! And Sprinkles for desert right? Who cares if you already had a petit four...or two!

lynnie said...

OK, I'll admit it, ever since we had dinner with Yum I have been ordering your Apple Martini every chance I get. But for some reason they are never as good as that sip I took of yours, whats up with that?!!