Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Blog Entry #400
For this very special entry, I thought I'd share some details about a very special party I attended last night with Harm.
Internationally celebrated event designer and entertainment guru Preston Bailey, with The Bride and Bloom magazine, lavished eye candy on the Cooper Building Penthouse, downtown Los Angeles. I'd never had a Purple Velvet Martini before! Delish.
Preston's floral arrangements were gorgeous; his signature cascading floral chandelier was of course in evidence, but I prefered the table-top presentations myself.
We didn't stay too long (long, hot day yesterday,) but it was an honor just to meet the man in such an lovely venue.

Lush is just about the best adjective to describe last night (and I'm not talking about the cocktails!)

The photographs were taken by Cup of Joe Photo (yes, I was unprepared to snap, having left my purse at home.) He gives good saturation!


charlotte said...

congratulations on 400! and yes, beautiful party flowers....goodness, you are so busy running round town, celebrating thisnthat, so popular! xoC

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 400th entry. The pictures do look lush and the colors are great.

Holly Stinnett said...

oooooh my kind of party! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures!! And congrats to you!

Sadie Olive said...

Wow 400!!!! You go girly! :)

Jill said...

400 posts! Wow! Congrats to you. Love your blog. It is so colorful and happy. Thanks for sharing yourself with us! Stop by sometime.

Helle Greer said...

Holy Cow 400, my next post will be 100, you are SPEEDY my friend.
I tell you, You are a PARTY girl.
Those flowers are so beautiful.

P.S So good to talk to you today :)

Heather! said...

Love your site Suzi! Thanks for checking out the little star farm site!! Once Sheridan is out of the hospital I will really be able to add to the site!! In the mean time I am living thru yours!! Amber Dawn is also keeping me busy! Thanks!!! Heather!!!

Debby said...

What eye candy...the party looks fabulous! 400 posts-WOW!
Keep it up. We love hearing about all your adventures!

Susan Shintaku said...

Congrats on your 400th post! Wow! The pictures are beautiful, love the flowers. When do you sleep my dear? You are always on the go! :-)
Hope to see you soon.


linda woods said...

I can't wait for the next 400 posts!
Love ya!

Susan Tuttle said...

Oh, wow Suzi--what an elegant and extravagant evening--Purple Velvet Martini--mmmm--sounds very intriguing!! What did it taste like?