Saturday, May 26, 2007

About last night...

The busiest girl in southern California almost broke her golden rule, by posting an entry with out a photo. Last night we had Rand over for another sleep-over; I first took a leisurely stroll with him over to Pioneer Lucerne Hardware and picked up some adhesive Velcro. Then, off to Whole Foods (across the street) to get Boo-Boo his dinn-dinn. Rand likes his food hot and natural! A few minutes after we got home, Harm called to see what was up. She and I decided it would be a good idea to get back on the walking band wagon, so she drove over, called up for me, and we headed out.

We made it all the way east to Robertson, where we made a pit stop for a light, healthy supper at Oishi. It was pretty chilly out when it was time to go, so we upped our pace to brisk, and made it back in no time. There were a couple of teen-age girls in the alley (they looked all of 14 if that) and they were smoking(!)...we gave them the stink-eye, and talked very loudly about the evils of smoking, how second hand smoke is so bad for everyone, and how illegal and bad it is for kids to be smoking. I think they got the message. Too bad I didn't recognize them, as I would have totally ratted them out to their parents. Bad girls.

By the time we got back to my pace, it was time to get Allie, who was practicing for the Vocab Olympics at Robakowski's place. Harm came along for the ride, first stopping at Angelina to pick up some fro-yo for the kids (non-fat chocolate/vanilla swirl.) We got there just in time; Allie was so worn out from learning new words that when I finally got her upstairs, she practically passed out cold.

Then, there was this morning...

Saturday morning services at Temple Emanuel, with Gary, Rand, Ben & Allie. We had a lovely time; the service was rousing, inspiring, emotional and funny...the most surprising element was when everyone threw candy up at the Bat Mitzvah girl, then later when cool Rabbi Aaron threw chunks of fresh challah out to the congregation. Allie wants to go there every week. now! When the service was over, Rand took us all to lunch at Jerry's Deli in WeHo (yes, I had hot tongue on challah with sweet/hot mustard) then I took him home so he could nap. I'm at the Bridal Bar now with the kids, paying Ms. Walton a visit...then later the kids have a YADA rehearsal. There goes my Saturday!

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