Friday, December 15, 2006

Wishing you a Happy Hanukkah...

In keeping the fried Hanukkah tradition, my friend Chachi and I had a delicious first-night dinner at Xian in Beverly Hills. Their pungent shrimp is SO delicious, the shrimp toast crispy-good and the chopped Xian salad; scrumptious. Ben enjoyed the teriyaki chicken skewer, and Chachi's daughter Alanna just nibbled on everything. Allie was busy at a birthday party for her other friend Alana, so she didn't get to partake. She was sad to have missed out, but had a great time at the party.

The shop was so busy today that I got out later than usual; in order to get to the restaurant in time, we skipped the lighting of the menorah. I'll be missing that ritual again tomorrow night, as I will be playing art with Marah Johnson 'til late at the store. Marah is such a thoughtful girl; she is bringing her own Accu-cut dies to the store tomorrow so people can play with them. This is extra cool, as she actually designs for Accu-cut, and we will be getting a first-play experience with the fresh designs. I want to make the Tussie Mussie (hanging cone) that Marah created. I plan on getting there extra early to hit the die machines before everyone else gets in (don't worry, I won't use up all the cardstock...) then I'll be all set to make my own luggage case, then my paper posie bouquet with the swarovski crystal accents, then my magnificent (I hope) mannequin.

I think the best part of tomorrow's day of art will be hanging with the people I like to hang with. Holly Dye, Keiko, Robakowski, Kim, Sabrina, Helene, Sasha, Alice, Shelly, and so on, and so on...wish my Jeannine could've made it (but guess who's making a mannequin for Nini anyway!)

When the classes all end, then the party will begin...I mean the slumber party! I'm having a slumber party at my house with Marah Johnson! She'll feel right at home with my purse-dog Charlie, the teacup yorkie (she has one just like it at her house!) We can stay up all night and watch all the Ugly Betty episodes on TiVO! Girls Gone Wild!!! (I hope my husband doesn't mind; I haven't told him yet!)

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Linda said...

Happy Hanukkah! Your day sounds FAB! I am jealous, again =(.