Thursday, December 21, 2006

Poor Beau Peep

Beau Peep has a really bad cold, so I told her about the SudaCare Shower Soothers (now in Vanilla Mint.) It's a really cool cold medicine; a big alka seltzer-like tablet that you toss on your shower floor, let it disolve and inhale while you clean your bod. Well, it worked pretty darn well for her (but it did sting her eyes a little) but the relief only lasted for a few minutes after she dried off. I still like it, and totally recommend it.


linda said...

Which one is better, the shower version or the plug in one? I kind of like the plug in faux vaporizer thing. The only problem with the plug in one is that if you have no closet doors in your bedroom, it makes all your clothes smell like menthol. God Bless Sudafed and all their products.

suzi finer said...

I recommend the shower tab for temporary relief (can't stand the plug in smell)and one should try Zicam to cut their recovery time in 1/2 (I ran a pharmacy for a year, so I know a little about this stuff.) Cold-eze help as well, but I go for the power pills to get through the day.