Sunday, December 24, 2006

Just a lovely day...

Spent the day with friends and family. First, we brought uncle Leon a huge box of lox from Costco. It is so delicious on a Ritz with a dab of sour cream. Donna, Rand and the kids joined us there, and we lunched on a variety of Subway sandwiches (I had my usual.)

We then picked up some pinkberry and met up with Harmony for a few minutes before she drove up to Lake Arrowhead for a Christmas with mom. I like my pinkberry totally plain, Harm takes strawberries, Allie likes the Capn' Crunch, and Ben just doesn't like anything there at all!
From there, the kids and I drove over to Beverlywood Bakery on Pico Blvd. I've been getting my gebecks there since I was a baby; now my kids know we can't go anywhere without a box of their decadent pastries (jewish-style.) Then a quick pop in to Whole Foods to get the Egg and out in five minutes!

I made my best time ever over Coldwater Canyon to Studio City, where at Miriam's, the fun began. While the kids watched H.R.Puffenstuff in the back...
Miriam and I had our usual Scrabble Marathon (I won tonight) then Ann and Lisa joined us for the rest of the evening (The good Lisa & Ann.)The kids (Ben, Allie, Ian, Collin, David & Savaughn) watched shows and played while us mommies yapped the eve away sipping through many bottles of Perrier-Jouet and nibbled on so much take out food. Just came home all relaxed and happy.

MY WINTER WISH TO YOU: So now, as the 'eve is winding down, I'd like to take the time to wish you a very happily holiday, and hope you all get just what you deserve. Love and happiness, gifts given with no hidden agendas, and time to realize just how lucky we all are to be here together in this world of art.


bridalbar said...

Sounds like such a fun Christmas Eve, wish I was there with you, but the blog puts me there at the end of each day. Glad my favorite Jews found something fun and festive to do while the world comes to a stand still for the next 24 hours...Merry Christmas to all (yes, even you Suz :) And please make sure to eat ALL those AMAZING chocolate chip rugalas before I get back - no cookie for me!


KellyKilmer said...

It was oh so weird driving down Doheny (I think I have been down "that part of the strip-between Sunset and Santa Monica) maybe 3x in the entire span of living in La La Land!
Then to be sitting at the light there and having some silly person honking, waving and making goofy faces at me LOL!! HEY SUZI!!!
How did you know that I had just finished telling David about the restaurant near there you had mentioned the other day & that we should go there ;) LOL!