Saturday, December 23, 2006

Looks like I've been very naughty!

See what I got for an early Christmas?

Hot Santa! ....don't I look promiscuous!
I actually spent another fun-filled evening with little Donna and Harm, this time at the Beverly Center. The real reason we ended up there is that we love to hold the poor puppy-mill puppies at the overpriced pet store there. It really is sad to see those mostly Idaho-born pups being kept there; hopefully, our giving them a lot of puppy love brings some happiness to their little caged lives.

Donna got a new Tokidoki Le Sportsac with little devils all over it. So cute. Then, I found the exact shirts we had picked up downtown yesterday for $5.00, in a store at the mall for $59.00! Donna had also seen the scarves we bought yesterday (for $6.00) at the Museum of Modern Art store on sale for $82.00! Glad WE know where to go! Harm checked out the sunglasses at Louis Vuitton ($580.00) and then we went to Bloomingdales, where she found some that looked really hot by Gucci, for only $260.00. I can't believe I wrote "only $260.00", as that is totally decadent. Fortunately, she has a $350.00 gift certificate at Bloomies, so she just may end up with them. I still have a problem justifying that (though I admit I spent a really stupid amount on some Bulgari sunglasses a few years ago.)

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