Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Migrate West to the Pajama Nation!

We are living in the Pajama Nation! Harmony says that her aunt Lori (wife of uncle Bill Walton) started the underground pajama movement a few years back when she wore her Nordstroms Donna Karan p.j.s to a major event. While at Target (oh, that again,) she led me to the lingerie section, where I found these pants, shirt and robe (the Tinkerbell Santa hat is from Disneyland)...thus granting my open ended visa to the Pajama Nation. I must say, it is a very comfortable country!


bridalbar said...

I LIVE for and IN the Pajama Nation!! I think I'm a goverment offical there, and I'm taking this party bus across the globe baby!

KellyKilmer said...

LOL I think the girls in my high school (class of '88 to '92) started the Pajama thing. Any day that we didn't have to be in uniform my class wore pjs. Everything was PJ bottoms with sweatshirt tops.
My sister could live in her pjs.
My bathrobe is too grungy to be seen outside "home" in LOL