Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Early Bird

Up at the crack of dawn today; Allie had her honor choir practice and I drive the early carpool. I arrived totally on time, but found poor Mr. Reader at the curb; he was very ill and had to cancel today's practice! So sad. We send him our best and hope it is just a 24 hour virus.
I decided to rouse Ben and snatch him off to a hot breakfast. It only took him 6 minutes to wash up, get dressed, throw a lunch together and get himself to the car...impressive.
Of course, the kids insisted on Nate 'n Al Delicatessen (even though daddy runs The Nosh!) Early is good at Nate 'n Al; no waiting for Gloria (our favorite waitress.) As usual, by the time we made it from the front door to the booth, she had a warm plate of fresh cinnamon toast waiting for the kids. I had already had my Jenny cereal at home, so it was just a diet Coke for me.
Allie: Rice Krispys & Bacon (hot chocolate)
Adrianna: the same
Ben: Pancakes, 1 egg & hash browns (I know, too much starch, but the girls ended up eating his potatoes.)
Made it to their school on time, then off to Sweetpeas.

On a serious note: Take a few minutes to talk to your kids about getting in cars with their friends or strangers who appear to be friends. A local 17 year old boy was killed Saturday night (and 2-15 year old girls critically injured) when they got in the car with a T.V. actor they met at a party. The actor crashed into a tree; there were empty liquor bottles in the car, yet he has not yet been charged with any crime. Random act of stupidity.

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