Friday, December 08, 2006

My Middle Name is Excessive

I spent the entire day baking carrot cake at my sister Donna's house. Somehow I got it into my head that I should quadruple the recipe, as I wanted to bake a giant cake for tomorrow's giant Holiday Sale & Soiree at Sweetpeas and Snapshots (Linda Woods loves carrot cake.) I was so overwhelmed at the market (when I saw that they had carrots that were already grated) that I got enough flour, sugar, confectioners sugar, butter and cream cheese to make eighteen cakes. I can assure you that Donna has enough sealed supplies that we can bake every weekend for the next two months and not have to buy anything but eggs!
The cake came out perfect...I can't wait to cut it tomorrow. It is three layers high, and 10" around, with a tangy cream cheese frosting. I also make a loaf for my uncle Leon, and a dozen muffins which Rand ate a bunch of. If you're not busy, come on by the store and have a slice!

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