Friday, December 29, 2006

We're off to Cambria.
Donna, Allie, Izze & I are off to Cambria, a small art community nestled in the shadows of San Simeon. Our aunt Carol lives there, and when I called to tell her we were driving up, she squealed with delight.
This morning I ran around with Holly, hitting my favorite Swarovski crystal wholesaler, my button place, my scarf place and Chinatown. We then picked up the kids and lunched at Jack 'n Jill's (a popular Beverly Hills eatery.) Of course we had to pop in to see Harm, who generously swagged my empty bag with loot for my aunt. She is going to love everything. I have to pick up some deli for her on the way (no good delicatessens up there) and then we're off! Have a great weekend!

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