Thursday, December 21, 2006

I am SO done with Donald Trump.

I loved the Apprentice. Trump himself, however, always had a festering creepiness about him. Now, apparently, he is the world's moral compass. AND he is bashing the most wonderful person on television: Rosie O'Donnell! I love her; she really tells it like it is, without worrying about being politically correct. Her rant on yesterday's The View" was right to the point! Just saying what everybody in the world already knows about him; now he talks about suing Rosie! He's calling her "a failure"; I call her a risk-taker, a champion. So what if she is a lesbian. How does anybody in their right mind feel that they have the right to judge anyone's sexual preferences (unless they are like pedophiles or rapists!)
Rosie had the best talk show on TV, a couple of wonderful books, gave it her best shot at Broadway producing (the riskiest kind of producing) and is helping SO many children and their families with so many different issues.
Trump? Adulterer. Blowhard, self-important Martha-crusher. Blasting Rosie on her looks, her weight (the camera really skews that...) and he knows that everyone makes fun of his comb-over. How childish of him to bring Rosie's partner Kelli into his own rant, saying how "easy it would be to take her girlfriend away, considerinig how Rosie looks." Stupid. But I really liked The Apprentice. I don't think I can ever watch it again.
I do love what Rosie posted on her blog (and Wikipedia!)

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