Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Mighty Wind

Today it is so windy outside that I have to keep the store door shut, or the paper just wants to dance around in the air. Though it does look pretty to have the 12x12 papers fly around, it is really not such a good idea.

It is so windy, Holly's power went out in Granada Hills.

I heard that the Grapevine is like a parking lot due to wind and snow; they're escorting vehicles through to the other side. Clear skies here, but oh, the swaying trees and flying debris!

The air is so dry, I had to use extra moisturizer this morning. No lines around these eyes today. My favorites: Strivectin, Hylexin, and Kinerase. I also like to liberally apply the Kinerase to the back of my hands; keeps them soft & youthful. Another favorite moisturizing product I keep at hand: Chanel Lip Correction. Allie even uses it to keep her lips from ever being chapped. My most unusual tube: LMX 4 (Lidocaine creme) used by dermatologists to prep for laser; I keep it to numb any tiny splits I get around my cuticles. It moisturizes, numbs and heals! I get everything (except the Chanel) from Mickey Fine Pharmacy (and Camden Pharmacy; same owners) in Beverly Hills, where you can find 'lil Donna working a few days each week.


Linda said...

I think you are my long lost sister. I am obsessed with moisturizer. You know what is surprisingly good? Jergens Ultra Healing lotion. Not greasy at all.

suzi finer said...

I've heard good things about the Jergens, but I have such scent issues that I can't take anything with any kind of odor. Even with the Strivectin, I can only use the Strivectin Eye, as the regular Strivectin has a minty smell that I just can't take!