Monday, December 04, 2006

My New Favorite Store.

What a treat to find a store with real sizes that actually has fashion-now looks at not-too-high prices. Torrid is just that; cutting-edge style blended with a budget. You should see my new distressed jeans and tattoo-inspired "hoodie". Too cute.

We had spent the morning at the Citadel Outlet mall yesterday. I don't want you to think that I spend all my free time scoping out malls; Donna had wanted to hit the Le Creuset store so she could take advantage of the customer 40% off day. She is a total fan of that fine cookware now, and uses it when she creates her scrumptious meals every day. I had just happen to wander over to the other side where I found Torrid. To make matters even better, they have a Hot Dog on a Stick (no, I didn't have a one!) where they squeeze the most delicious sugar-free fresh Lemonade. We all (Donna, Orly, Ben and I) had larges to go.

Allie attended a party at the American Girl Store they opened at the Grove. Talk about commercialism at it's peak! Wow, do they ever suck you in big time. Here we have a little girl who never touches any doll; all of a sudden, she is the biggest doll-enthusiast of all. Very odd. She was so happy to be able to bring her "Jess" doll (that she bought with her birthday money last May) and was even happier when daddy bought Jess a new doll-outfit after the party. She is lucky that he took her (and not me!)

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