Saturday, December 02, 2006

Debby Schuh, I Love You!

Oh my goodness, what a day! Master Instructor Debby Schuh flew in all the way from Buffalo, New York, to teach two sessions of her so-amazing mini-album with inclusions. The doors she opened in all of our minds can never be locked up again! The best treat of all was to find just how warm of a human being Debby is. I feel like I've known her for years; no attitude, no pretensions, just a generous and talented woman who clearly demonstrated her brilliant concepts in such a way that everyone was able to master her techniques.
I just know when we have her back again (very soon, I hope,) that I'm going to have to quadruply order all the materials she uses; we sold out of all the kits she brought, and most of the papers on the shelves. Anna Griffin is so lucky to have her!

Fateful shopping: Being the "Memory Bee", Debby had to grab one of the Catslife Press Queen Bee rubberstamps.

Star sighting in the store: Jennifer Esposito (from our favorite, Master of Disguise.) She was SO nice; a real treat to be around.

A banner moment: Holly Dye finally met Alisa Robakowski! I can't even tell you how many years each of them have had to listen to me yammer about the other. Today, they yammered with each other about me! Ha!

Nicest feeling: Enjoying watching Debby enjoying the work of Jeannine Stein. It's so refreshing to see an artist admire another artist's work without even the tiniest hint of cattiness, just admiration.

Disapointment: Norman was out of town (but will be back for his December 10th Anna Griffin layout class!)

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