Monday, December 18, 2006

What a weekend!

In my compulsiveness I arrived at the shop Saturday morning at 8am (we don't open 'til 10am) to get stuff updated on the website. In what seemed like a twinkling of an eye later, Marah Johnson arrived with all her wares, and we got to the setting up of the event. Wow, did she ever bring a lot of stuff! The Accu-cut machine she has is just about the biggest, heaviest thing I've seen transported to a workshop. Good thing though, as the dies she made for that machine are just as big (and VERY cool!)
Marah was kind enough to stop by and refresh our Lovestruck inventory. I know I'm repeating myself, but HOT is not a hot enough adjective to describe the way this line is flying outta here. Our first workshop, the Luggage Case, was just so easy (and looked so complex...) Marah was extra generous with the Swarovski crystals ("take as many as you need to make it your own") and everyone finished their case with unique individualism.
I was very excited to learn the Paper Posie techniques, and again, surprisingly easy. Marah brought tasty colors of vintage glass glitter with which to cover the button centers, and some Swarovski flower-shaped buttons for center options. We used white floral tape to wrap the stems, giving an over-all lightness to the finished bouquets.
By the time we got to the Mannequin workshop, I was a little worn out, but as soon as we opened the Golden Soft Gel Medium I got my second wind. I LOVE that stuff! We all decoupaged our little hearts out until our debutantes were ready for their debut. Marah took a wonderful picture of all the forms on a mini-stage.

After a semi-clean up (not my strong suit,) Marah followed me home. It was almost 10pm and she hadn't eaten, so I whipped her up a pancake-style egg dish (with stupid Wonderbread toast...Gary bought the wrong bread.) We yip-yapped 'til late, then off to sleep.

I woke up really early (as usual) and turned on TCM, where one of my weaknesses was showing: Goodbye, Mr. Chips. This is a love/hate kind of daily experience for me; I love the movies, but hate what they do to me. I get hysterically weepy. Of course, this woke up the kids (but fortunately, didn't wake Marah,) and by the time she woke up, I had Visine-ed by swollen, red eyes back to a semblance of normalcy.

After some quality morning time with Marah before she left for her shopping rendezvous with friends, I took Allie to a 10am Broadway class, where she was filling in at the performance of Annie which featured an all-Orthodox cast (no boys.) They were short an actor for the part of Bert Healy, and since Allie has such a great voice, she was asked to step in. I had a few hours to fill until the 2pm performance, so I went to Donna's house to persuade her to join me on a last minute spree (you know where; Target!) Her family opted to join Ben and I on our shopping trip, where I found a laser-pointer for Elliot (and a stress ball), and the Beatles Love CD for Gary (which I will probably keep for myself!) I then bought an over sized wine glass for mom at Bargain Fair (I hate that store, but Donna loves it) and a book at Borders for Donna. I then snatched Harmony out of her house (while Rand went to Subway to get us lunch) and brought her to Donna's to eat before Allie's show.

After watching Annie for the fourth time in six days, I took Harm home, picked up Gary, picked up Uncle Leon & Paul, and went over the hill to the valley. Hanukkah at mom's house.
The house looked great, but I have to tell you, most of the time the smell of her perfume is just too overwhelming. Donna and I have told her many times that heavy perfume is a sign of incontinence, but she just keeps loading it on.

Ben loved his "Wilhelmina" trash can from the Container Store. Elliot went ape over his laser-pointer, and Allie squealed over the faux-fur blanket & her robe from Donna. Izze wouldn't let go of the squishy pig bubbe got her. The brisket was tender, and the latkes a little too heavy, but all in all it was a great evening.

We left all the kids at my mom's for the night, then Gary and I went to my dear friend Miriam's home for a little visit. She lives in Kauai most of the year, and only comes to town during school vacation time, so I take every opportunity I can get to see her & the kids whenever possible. We spent a few hours catching up, but then I had to take Gary home to sleep (he goes in way early every day.) Happily, I'll be getting to visit Miriam more this week, as I will be off on Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday. Wheee!

Just another whirl of a weekend in my life!

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