Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Is there a manager on duty?

Last night I went on an unexpected Target run with Harmony. Even more unexpected, we ended up at the old Target on La Cienega instead of the fresh one we've been frequenting on Santa Moncia Blvd. Now this particular location has become increasingly seedier than most of the other stores, and some of the holiday staff they employed this year have quite a way about them.

Did I just say Marijuana? Well, I meant to. There was a very distinct odor emanating from a group of employees in the west end of the store. It was there, plain as day, right next to their bad attitude. Now I'm not preaching as to the legallity of the weed, but to partake during business hours, thats something else. I needed to find out if they had a certain game, and in their state (or perhaps it was just how they were deep inside) the entire group dissed me! All five stared vacantly into space, and turned back to their conversations.

I guess good help is really hard to find.

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