Thursday, December 28, 2006


Found this pic by artist Stan Cline on is his rendition of Beverly Park (the best amusement park that ever was) and Ponyland. It looks like a good portrait of ponies Popcorn and Cookie.
My grandfather Ben would take Donna and me there basically whenever we asked (they just lived a few blocks away, where Donna lives now.) We would always ride the roller coaster, where we were always shying away from the waving farmer, and afraid the barrels would fall on us .
I long for the spinning Tilt 'a Whirl, the Ferris Wheel that always stopped with us way up on top, and the Merry-go-round, which we never got tired of. I've never been able to find another place with that great crunchy gravel ground. There are no pony rides anywhere near me (Griffith Park is just too far.)
I wish they would tear down the Beverly Center and bring back my first happiest place on earth.

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