Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Question of the moment:
Just how much Target is too much Target?
I had no intention of going back to that den of temptation, especially with only five shopping days left 'til Christmas, and the whole population of West Hollywood and adjacent neighborhoods filled with the need to visit that Bulls eye of a store. But no, I kept telling myself, it would be just fine. No kids to deal with, just me and Harm (Gary took all the kids to the 3rd Street Promenade for dinner.)
So after another brisk walk down Beverly Drive (hitting the ZGallerie, Crate and Barrel, Paper Source, Vicki's Secret and Anthropologie and a sinful supper at the Cheesecake Factory, I thought going to Target yet again this week would be a grand idea. After all, I needed some stocking stuffers for my dear Miriam's kids.
The feeling of trepidation began when I spotted the left turn line to get into the parking structure.
So many cars; Harm asked me to say my little parking prayer:
Hail Mary Full of Grace, Please Give Me a Parking space!
I instead proclaimed:
Hail Mary Full of Grace, Get me out of this Godforsaken Place!
Harm laughed, but I think god didn't hear my word changes, as lo and behold, my parking gods still kept me in good favor. Ha! Right by the elevator!
An hour later, seeing the same things I saw the last six times I was in that store in the past 7 days, I somehow managed to get the stocking stuffers for Ian & Collin. Mission Accomplished!
We booked it out of the parking lot, and were heading home, when Harm spotted the open Urban Outfitters on Melrose with a gem of a space right out front. Bam! We pulled right in! That girl can turn a wheel.
She picked up what she needed and drove me right to my front gate. This girl is dog tired.
New Rule: After a busy sales day at work, NO SHOPPING! Do it on your day off!!!

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