Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What a thrilling night!
Opening night of Kurt Weill's Street Scene at the Alex Theater in Glendale. My son Ben was covering the three boy's roles (he actually got to perform in the afternoon.)

Goose-bump moment: A moving introduction by the luminous Anne Jeffries, who looked as spectacular as ever.

The kid's favorite song: The Ice-Cream song; rousing, comical, and perfectly harmonized. Kurt Weill created the perennial favorite Three Penny Opera (who could forget Mack the Knife!) and this ubber-talented cast of Street Scene makes for a memorable, satisfying experience.

Ben's happiest news: He got his first professional paycheck. A really big moment for him.

Allie's comment: "Mommy, this is s really sad opera!"
It's true; realistic, gritty, and heartbreaking, this is one musical offering that hits humanity at it's heart.

Next performance: Sunday, February 18th, 3pm at the Thousand Oaks Civic Light Opera.

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