Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Road Trip{s}
Donna and I drove down to a scrapbook store consortium meeting (I went to "represent"; Donna kept me company for the 44 mile ride) at Scrappin' in the Hills, (Anaheim Hills,) today. About a dozen stores have now made a friendly arrangement to support each other with referrals and interactive events. It was great seeing everybody (and hooking up with my old rep friend Ms. Yost!) I was especially happy to meet Trish from Scrappin' Good Times (San Dimas.) We'd been talking on the phone for a bit now and I always feel better having a face to put with the voice.

After the very productive session, we headed across the world to E-Powersellers (Granada Hills) to pick up a paper display from dear Holly's dear husband Philip. He made Donna's day by gifting her with one of his multi-packs of multi-colored hot glue sticks with matching 8.5x11 paper packs. By the time we were done there it was time to pick up Ben from school (Allie had a play-date with a friend) so I snatched him up and took him back to the shop.

Apparently the UPS man had decided to bring an entire truckload of new stock to the shop today while I was away, because there was barely enough room to walk inside due to the masses of boxes. Mary had done a remarkable merchandising transformation; everything looked so fresh! She really has a magic touch when it comes to making everything look amazing. Ben and I rolled up our sleeves (Tanja and Sabrina were already knee deep in embellishments & papers) and I went for the pricing gun. I had to leave at six to drop Ben off at his youth group meeting, but had a fun few hours with the girls (and Ben.) Tomorrow is going to be quite a display challenge!

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