Friday, February 16, 2007

Strange Sign

As seen on the fifth floor, north tower at Cedars Sinai tonight. It's really big, too.

I know it's difficult not to fall when you're sick; I tripped seven times myself there today; I learned that a hospital is no place to where Crocs (they tend to stick at times.)

Anyway, Dr. Goodman called me to say that Gary has Diabetic Ketoacidocis and a virulent Staph infection, which caused a neck abscess that makes the one in this link file look like a pimple! Add to that a secondary skin infection possibly linked to his psoriasis; there you have it! Toss in some major depression, and what do you got? I don't even want to tell you. At least the doctor is very sweet and they have a crack team working with him. He'll be staying in at least through Monday, according to the doctor.

After we visited Daddy, Donna, Harm and I took the kids to "MILK" a new dessertery on Beverly Blvd. where Harm treated the kids to some sweets. Not soon after we arrived, in popped our Beverly Hills Model friend (from my Camden days,) dear Derrick! What a treat to see him so out of context. We told him how cute he looked, and he noticed I had darkened my hair. I told him that I was going to cut it all off tomorrow.
We all laughed! I love Los Angeles.

Social worker meeting tomorrow!

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