Saturday, February 10, 2007

Three Girls!
Allie, Izze & Adri were three "quick studies" in today's reverse-applique-embroidery workshop today at the shop. We'll have pics of the whole shebang on the store blog, but I had to put these up here! Allie made a purse, Izze a Baseball theme (with fabric we picked up downtown yesterday) and Adri used one of Amy Tangerine's own designs. Aren't they the cool girls!

(I love to show off Izze's eyes)

Here's Miss Amy, looking all cute. She's adorable, talented, and nice! Her mom made the most delicious egg rolls; you know I was naughty...I ate three of them. Oh well!

Our friend/artist Emily Falconbridge made a peace-filled tee with a personal touch. Her daughter Ivy was the little artist too, making a special collage for mum!

Our other dear friend/artist Elizabeth Dunn made a shirt full of LOVE, but if I posted this picture, I'm afraid that she'd never talk to me again! Maybe after I work some photoshop magic.....? I even got to see (for a moment) my dear Marion Ballog. Wish I could've been less distracted and had more talk time there.

We love you Elizabeth, Emily, Marion & Amy!!! It's even more fun when a teacher joins in as a student!

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