Friday, February 23, 2007

Busy morning.
Being Friday, I didn't need to go to the shop until the afternoon, so after seeing Gary settled, I popped over to my friend Chachi's house.
She lives over on Hillcrest Road in the 90210 flats of Beverly Hills (think Walsh.) She was having the house painted again; she has an on-staff painter to keep up with her ever-changing wall whims. Totally cool. She wanted to pass on down some wear-ables to Allie (she has three daughters who have great fashion sense)

Four bags of clothes later, she whisked me off to Urth Caffe on South Beverly Drive for hot beverages. After sipping some fresh brewed Royal Breakfast Tea and nibbling on baguette toast, we went to the Beverly Center, where Chachi bought a white Le Sport Sac Tokidoki to match the one Donna bought for me last week. We like to match*

We went back to her house where she dug out a saxophone for me to give to Donna (Izze decided that she wants to play the sax, and Chachi's kids have lost interest. She'll get it back if/when Izze's done.)

I headed off to the shop where things were bustling. There were so many people there (checking out the new CHA releases) and things had been moved all around. Mary likes to totally redecorate the store all
the time; today she was moving the "Baby" section across the world next to weddings. This move is to make way for her new "Candy Bar", which is reminiscent of an old-school candy counter (our old school, not our mother's!) We're loving all the evolving going on, especially the soon-to-be-unveiled "wall of color" invitation center, where anyone can just walk in and take care of their personal paper needs. Everything should be in place very soon (hopefully in time for the March 10th Home Companion cover-celebration festivities. Emily Falconbridge and Gina Armfield will be gloriously presenting free make 'n takes, and I've arranged with my friend Catherine Moore (Character Constructions) to hold a "Mad Tea Party Collection" trunk show to introduce this cool new collection then.

Mary was hosting a private party this afternoon, so I manned the floor while she, Pauline and the fairy princess led the group in their festivities. I closed up shop at seven, worn out but happy with the day.

*Holly and I also have a huge matchy-matchy thing going on. Makes things much more enjoyable.

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