Saturday, February 03, 2007

Snow Day!
This morning Donna invited us to her event at West Hollywood Park: a real Snow Day! Many years ago Donna organized a monthly happening at the park through the City of West Hollywood. She called it "Saturdays in the Park"; a community meet where neighborhood families could meet and get involved in local activities. This particular Saturday included masses of man-made snow for the kids; Elliot even took the wheels off of his skateboard to fashion a makeshift toboggan!

We picked up Donna when her event was finished back at her place (off Melrose Place!) and hit the road for some more fun! Harm was on duty at The Bridal Bar (jam packed with incipient brides) so we just did a quick pop-in.

Although I drive the blocks between La Cienega and Fairfax on a pretty regular basis, I had never noticed the store Ma Du Zi nestled between Agent Provocateur and Tarina Tarantino.
It struck me funny that the name was so close to Sweetpeas'

Tanja Maduzia, and if they were Croatian (as is Tanja) or possibly related to her? I had Ben run in and grab a business card, then snapped a quick pic. We'll see what we find out!

I had to add this photo of the "Conversation Heart" cookies we saw (but did not eat) at La Conversation. Just too cool.

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