Thursday, February 08, 2007

I've been remiss!
Okay, so I've never watched Grey's Anatomy until tonight (something always came up) but now I'm feeling really guilty! Our friend Justin now seems to be a fixture on that show.
We met him while he was working on Cold Case a few years back. I had arranged our annual weekend at The Sportsman's Lodge hotel in Studio City (fifteen minutes away=another world) where I take all the kids overnight and we hang at the pool all day. This particular weekend, Allie made friends with some beautiful little girls (all sisters) who we hung with the entire weekend. Their daddy, Justin, and I took turns buying the poolside snacks (lunch was fab) and some refreshing frosty beverages (Bloody Marys!) Donna and I learned about his move out here from Ohio and the world of international modeling, and how he hoped his series would be picked up (he was cut from the initial cast pretty quickly.) He was so sweet with the kids, taking all of his girls, Allie and Izze to the gift shop and buying them all necklaces: crosses for his girls, Jewish stars for ours. Allie still remembers how kind he was, and speaks of the girls often. She didn't get it why they weren't all there the next couple of years. I can't believe I didn't realize he had a new show! We'll have to drop him a note.
I do have to tell you, if you're ever planning to come out to Los Angeles on vacation, I will highly recommend the Sportsman's Lodge for your stay. It's always perfectly maintained, reasonably priced, has a rep for great food, and is the (shhh...) secret place for visiting stars and musicians to stay who don't want to be swarmed by the paparazzi. Privacy is paramount there. Plus, they have the cleanest pool in the city!

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linda woods said...

How funny! Tonight was the first time ever I watched Grey's Anatomy, too!
I've only ever been to the Lodge for weddings. I'll have to check it out.