Friday, February 09, 2007

How I spent my Friday night.
Having your very best friend by your side, then your other very best friend pops by, then your always best friend (son) arrives, and a few other upper eschelon level amigos fill the room, then: ART!
Imagine all this, in a perfectly lay-ed out creative space, all the glorious Asian ephemera, rubber stamps, beads, charms, accents and magic tricks, coming together as though channeled through the best friend/instructor's magic teaching touch.
Poof! We've created what some called impossible; a perfect $10. hand-bound book workshop!

Chinese New Year Paper Bag Book~
Norman P. Dixon, as the handsome leading man
Alice DeRosario, as his biggest fan
Starr Codd, as the ingenue
Jen, Caroline & Adrienne, as the Greek chorus
Ben Finer, as the visiting musical star
Tanja Maduzia & Pauline Van Veet, as the town beauties
Erin Airheardt, as the femme fatale
Holly S. Dye as director Cecil B. DeMille
Suzi Finer as the producer
Mary Smilove as the creative, yet powerful studio owner

The whole production was a resounding success!
We'll have to make this paper bag transforming a regular gig...I bet if we get the cast of characters together and plan some new productions, in just a short time we should all have a library filled with our glorious creations.

I'm so happy to be able to work in a cool store and have my friends teach!

All photos of this finished book example come from the exacting pages of Mr. Norman P. Dixon, who graduated from the Jeannine Stein School of Minutiae Measure. I think he received his pH.D there.

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bridalbar said...

that was the coolest class ever!! i totally should have taken it!! Holly, Suzi Finer, and Norman P Dixon in the same room on a Friday night??? How can you top that???