Thursday, February 15, 2007

From Linda Woods & Karen Dinino: here's the deal
"Alright, People! We're making another plea...we want to see the number on our charity badge rising every time we look at it. See, it's over there on the right and the total keeps not going higher. We know that many people can't even afford to spare $10 right now, but know that you can help just by spreading the word... how about putting our charity badge in your blog for a couple days to help raise money for kids? That would help, too! We'd LOVE that! The sad, scared, hungry, abandoned-by-everyone kids will love that. Just click on our badge where it says add this badge to your site for easy instructions on how to do that.I'm gonna sweeten the deal...if 100 people donate by the end of February, I will do a FREE FREE FREE class at Sweetpeas & Snapshots where they will serve cupcakes and smiles and I'll serve arty inspiration."

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