Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm tired.

I'm tired of "people" complaining about having to drive their kid somewhere when "they" could be relaxing (kids come first!)

I'm tired of "people" who spin webs of dreams then pull the rug out from under the dreamers.

I'm tired of "people" who won't let pedestrians cross in front of their speeding cars.

I'm tired of "people" who care about shoppers being a couple of cents short. Give the shopper a break!

It's not all about money and getting places fast (although I do obsess about being on time)...shouldn't it be about keeping promises, being able to trust, and overall kindness?

I should have bought that "TI (RED)" shirt at the Gap when I had the chance.

It's been a really long day.


Kelly Kilmer said...

GO Suzi
If enough of us get sick and TIRED of these kinds of people maybe things will change
The whole pedestrian/cars don't stop for them thing makes me NUTS too...anyone heard of stop signs or redlights?? grrr!!!

Michelle M White said...

You and I must have had the same kind of day yesterday! I thought the day would NEVER end! Thank goodness today was much better...and less tiring!

Linda Woods said...

I am sick of the dream vampires, too! Those jerks.