Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fame, not fortune.

I was interviewed for a documentary today. Funny how things pop up sometimes. I could have dressed up a bit more today, but I wasn't in the mood. With all the other activities I crammed into my Sunday, getting all prettified wasn't a real priority, so I just played myself. Perhaps one day the "fortune" quotient of my life will come back into play, but for now, whatever.

I got a lot accomplished (big surprise!) today; doing the morning Sunday school drop-off, a Target morning run with Donna, Rand & Ben, uncle Leon's weekly visit, back to Sunday school for pick up, Allie's party drop-off, lunched with Ben at CPK, did Century City with Harm & Ben, picked up Allie and hit The Grove where I met up with the documentary people. By the way; don't see Catch and was just a horrible waste of time (even though Donna's tennis instructor played a big part in it!) then Toast (see post below.) No Superbowl in my day! Pretty strange since we were with Harmony most of the day who didn't even try to get to a television (her daddy won an actual Superbowl ring when he played for the Dallas Cowboys back in the day...I got to try it on once.) Gary lost his house keys somewhere in his car, so he was locked out after work but walked up to Islands to see the game. I got a call while we were at dinner (feeding the kids, not the adults!) so I went to get him on the way home. Glad to be in...I need to go back to work to recover from my weekends!

'Hope my friend Linda Woods is done tying up any remaining loose ends with her new soon-t0-be-released follow-up book (Journal Revolution!) to her best-ever-selling-craft-book-in-the-entire-history-of-best-selling-craft-books (Visual Chronicles!) I want her to free up some time for a play date at the shop!

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