Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Charlie is my teacup Yorkie. He has one eye (his left)...the other was knocked out a few years ago by another dog (we won't talk about that.) He weighs about three pounds, and last Monday, he turned seven years old. We got him for Allie as her 2nd Birthday gift (really for mommy!)

He loves to sleep in his little doll chair we had bought for Allie at Target (Christmas, 2001.)
Having him around makes everything good. The first thing Gary had to do when he got home from the hospital was to cuddle up with our pupalooda. He rarely barks (only if our buzzer rings) and will let any child dress him up and play with him. Definitely not an alpha male.

He is a mommy's boy (likes to climb up on me to sleep) and favors the Beverly Drive loop for his course of choice. I love my dog. (sorry gals, he's neutered!) He socializes very well ("plays well with others") and his best night out was at the SPCA doggie ball in San Diego a 'coupla of years back, hosted by Bill & Lauri Walton. He loved his swag-bag and still talks about the celebrity pooches he got to hob nob with at the event.
He is such a Yorkie. He refused to use the amenities from the entire trip down to San Diego, through the entire festivities, and on the long ride home; a good seven hours. Then, as soon as I parked, he leapt to his spot and allowed the pent-up you-know-what to flow freely.
Ah, Relief. He was the perfect guest.

I Love my Dog!


Teresa said...

oh what a CUTIE PIE!!! I have been spending WAY too much time at lately and I keep looking at all of the Yorkies. I want one so so badly.

Helle Greer said...

He is sooooooo darn cute, and the chair is perfect for him.
My son wants a Yorkie too, they are really cute.
Is he spoiled just a bit??? Good, that's what we have them for.

minnie said...

suzi, the cutiest baby ever/////and in the chair....this baby would have a room of furniture if i had him, how could you not want to buy every little piece of furniture for this sweet baby...? minnie

Jill said...

Oh tiny!!!! I love my dogs too! There is nothing like a big sloppy puppy kiss to greet you when you get home!
Unconditional love!