Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Good Things (not in any order)

1. Ben played his viola for me tonight; he sounded really great.

2. My friend Catherine Moore (Character Constructions) agreed to do a trunk show at Sweetpeas and Snapshots on March 10 & 11.

3. Looks like Amy Tangerine is going to do a trunk show the following week, most likely sponsored by Bacardi (who doesn't like a fruity drink!)

4. Rand came and changed the dressing. It's great to have a wound specialist in the family.

5. Jenny Craig Macaroni and Cheese

6. My apparently huge base of friends; thanks for all of your support!

7. The jar of Olive Tampanade Megan bought for me at Trader Joe's

8. Jeff Gross (Mickey Fine Pharmacy, Beverly Hills)

9. 500+ hits a day.

10. Finding a gmail-box overflowing with good things!

All topped off with a cherry.

1 comment:

linda woods said...

My good thing of the day is also the Jenny Craig Macaroni and Cheese for lunch followed by her fish and chips for dinner which YOU inspired me to get. So therefore, YOU are the best thing EVER, on any list. All good things start with Suzi.