Saturday, February 10, 2007

Explaining my day off.

Okay, so it seems like I've had a very busy day today. Well, I have, and it was my day off to boot! I woke up this morning and went to Jenny Craig, where for the first time in a long time, I actually gained a pound and a half. Undaunted, I consoled my lightly guilty conscience by telling myself that the Sushi wasn't so naughty, and I probably had too much salt on my edamame (retains water.) The good news is that I am three pounds away from my half-way goal, and can soon "legally" eat my own meals several times a week. AND I'm ahead of the average schedule.

I had planned on going back to bed for a bit, but Gary had a migraine (which worried me; this man rarely complains.) I had to fill in, feeding the kids breakfast (went to La Conversation with Harm) then driving Ben to North Hollywood for his rehearsal. From there, I had to go back over the hill to pick up the cupcakes at Buttercake Bakery for the workshop today. I was only planning on a pop in visit (lots of friends in the class today...) but somehow managed to stay for the entire show (Allie made a shirt too.) We totally missed her YADA rehearsal, but with Ben out as well, I figured we could make it up later.

Four o'clock, back across the world to North Hollywood for Ben pick-up. Then, predictably, back to the city to rendezvous with Harm again for a brisk walk. Forty minutes later, drove to Donna's for the dinner & a movie, then (whew!) back home to blog.

No shopping, no personal time, but I did get to play with my favorite new find from CHA.
The Kandi Kane heat setting Swarovski crystal tool. Now I am a huge fan of Diamond Glaze; I always rave about it's ability to adhere my crystals to the surfaces of my choosing. This puppy blows that old glaze/snot stick ordeal far out of the water. It's my new favorite tool! You know we are going to be getting these in for all my friends right away. Holly already got hers (oooh, you'll get yours!)

I'm going to be teaming up with the manufacturers to create some cool projects for y'all. I just hope they don't need me to fly out to Clearwater, Florida for this venture. Not the best climate for this gal...too chilly!

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holly said...

Suzi, I have the same tool (2) by another manufacture. Be very, very careful! It is THE tool for sparkle and shine!