Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's that time again.
Girl Scout cookies. Our good friend Adrianna Robakowski is the dealer of delicious this year. We got a few boxes (dropped off the Thin Mints and Sugar Free Brownies to Leon and Paul.)
Allie gave up the scouts after 2nd grade. Although she enjoyed it very much, the camping aspect of the program just wasn't for us. Allie employed a very special technique when she was selling the cookies. When a potential customer walked past, she would accost them, piping something like "love your purse, would you like to buy some cookies?" or (to Larry King) "I like your tie, would you like to buy some cookies?" It usually worked.

I'm so relieved that part of her childhood is over (although she still is quite adept at using flattery to get what she wants.)

Here are our nails today (from Sunday's polishing.) They've lasted quite well; much better than usual (no, they're not fake!)

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