Saturday, February 03, 2007

Elliot just had to climb into the Sportie LA window
He couldn't help himself. He also couldn't help licking the window, which he later denied but then admitted his salivaic-impulses. He is so enthusiastic; filled with unexplainable energy, but totally cuddly-lovey and sweet. He's a great nephew; we like a lot of the same things (not the glass licking.)
I had picked up lunch for all the kids at Benitos, so Donna insisted on taking care of dinner.

She wanted to try out the new Stone Fire Pizza which had just opened on La Cienega.
Having watched it being built over the months, she was itching to try their offerings. Coincidentally, they were offering a 1/2 off Happy Hour (4pm-7pm) for all pizzas! Donna, however, ordered the Tequila Lime Chicken Fettuccine, which turned out to be so over-the-top hot that it was impossible for her to eat. Now I love a spicy; many have marvelled at the amount of jalapenos that I

put on my Subway lunches, but this was really too too hot. The rest of us ordered up a variety of pizzas. Here's a photo of their outstanding BBQ Chicken Pizza. I had a piece, then let everyone else dig in (Jenny said it was okay...and I was down another 2lbs this weigh-in!) Overall rating: Excellent pizza, good salads, beautiful ambiance (very upscale-lodge) and a great special deal for the neighborhood. We could tell that they will end up being a hot night spot, it's so comfy-cool in there.

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