Friday, February 16, 2007

My friend Susan Weiner has created these fundraising mirrors, using artwork hand made by children! What mother wouldn't bid on a mirror with their child's masterpiece gracing the frame! The proceeds all go to Susan's favorite cause: School Fundraising! I used to be so involved, now, not so much. Things change. It feels good to know that the torch is still burning in the money-raising game. I hope she breaks all the previous records!


charlotte said...

wonderful mirror, but more than that so glad to hear that things are looking better for your hubby. so sorry that you all are going through this, and the insurance gap is about the scariest thing I can imagine! when you get the bill, let's do some arty fund-raising to offset the costs!

Susan Weiner said...

What a creative idea!

I'm always intrigued to find another Susan Weiner out there.